The co-working phenomenon is growing fast, with at least 1.27 million business professionals now opting for this option. A big chunk of these co-workers are entrepreneurs who are unable to stick around a business hub because their business fails far too quickly. 

What if co-working spaces gave their members access to global business intelligence plus an instant international community of like-minded entrepreneurs?

The answer is three-fold.

1. Entrepreneurs make more money, and the co-working space stays on the map.
2. Business Owners can reach across borders and open doors for everyone involved.
3. A global community of like-minded professionals create as massive swell worldwide.


Measurable Growth
Global Community
Business Intelligence
The problem with information found for free online is that most of it is agonisingly incomplete, no longer relevant and in most cases put together by people who have not used the information and systems themselves.

We are Mike Handcock and Landi Jac, a couple who has done business in over 50 countries, for many years. This have given us exposure to many, many types of industries and entrepreneurs. Our intelligence is collected by us – personally. We do this by travelling to hand-selected countries and then facilitate business masterminds for entrepreneurs wherever we travel. This level of exposure to thousands of entrepreneurs have now morphed into super solutions that Business Hubs, Co-Working Spaces and Incubators use to educate their members.  


This means that you, the owner of a co-working space, can now provide your entrepreneurial members with business intelligence that is:

It is international, timely and will provide real answers to your questions.

We get straight to the point. No mucking around.

Those who implement our business solutions have more time, not less.

We promise you a level of education that you will not find anywhere in the world. The information that you will receive is not copied from anyone else, and our standards are high. It is personally tested and measured by us and our trusted experts. Our business models are easy to understand and consume by anyone, whether you are a startup or next-level entrepreneur.
Like the eight arms of the Octopus, there are eight systems of intelligence in business that is critical to the success of each entrepreneur. This is relevant whether you are a small business owner, franchisee, corporation, business hub or expert. Our Worldwide Business Intelligence Blueprint is designed to set each entrepreneur up for success, which we define as having

Our Intelligence is globally unique because:
It's gained from personal research in 50 countries, not Googled.
It's tried and tested in our own Inner Circle Top End Clients and Refined Annually.
In each module of our program, there is a foundational course (Level 100), which keeps that subject simple. For those entrepreneurs seeking more comprehensive training, our next-level courses (Level 200) will give you a massive commercial and international advantage. In addition, there are a variety of webinars and coaching clinics that are available on these topics throughout the year, which sees our learning as ongoing and interactive.

Our Worldwide Business Intelligence Blueprint covers the following Business Modules:


Our Business Intelligence Program is based on the Octopus, the most intelligent creature of the oceans. Not only does the Octopus have the highest brain-to-body mass ratio of all invertabrae, they also have three hearts, nine brains and boasts blue blood! 

Just like us, the Octopus are known for solving and simplifying complex problems with their eight arms, which we translated into the eight critical skill sets that distinguishes the successful entrepreneur from the rest. A deep understanding of these eight systems of business are mostly relevant today, whether you are a small business, corporation, business hub or expert.

Most Coaches, Consultants and Speakers have the same problems.
They simply do not have content that is modern, relevant, up to date and cutting edge to deliver to their audiences. They try and compete with their own material which is often left losing them clients and lots of money
Worldwide Business Intelligence can solve that issue by:
Licensed Material - You gain a license to use our material with your clients.

Modular - Pick any one thing in isolation or use all of the modules in one or all of the subjects with your clients

Repackage - You can of course integrate our material with any of your own, as you may have some of the answers or content, but not all.
Business Incubators, Hubs and Co-working spaces are cropping up the world over.
Why not have a real added value benefit for those in your hub.
Worldwide Business Intelligence can provide your clients with a reference area plus a global community of like minds today:
Licensed Material - You gain a license to use our material with your clients.

Global Community - Your members will become part of an exclusive global community of members that are like minded and all on the same thought plane

Upsell - You can literally charge more for your membership because of the added benefits provided to your members through WBI.
As a corporate CEO or GM you have an issue.
Balancing training and information that is world class, with an ever difficult budget.
Why not bring the world's best experts directly into your corporation.
Worldwide Business Intelligence can assist you with programs that are 2020's framed, not 1990. They are simple and trackable so you will see results fast:
Licensed Material - You gain a license to use our material with your staff.

Trackable - We can tell you which employee has done what exercises and training, thus keeping individuals accountable

Levels - Because of our levels we can give access to exactly what you want for each employee. Advanced people can have advanced programs and newbies simple stuff.
Less than 25 members or individual
Plus $495 Set Up Fee
Pricing is per annum
  • Access to all 8 subjects
  • Induction Training Included
  • All Access Licensed Content
  • Inc Webinars & Coaching Clinics
between 25 & 75 Members
Plus $495 Set Up Fee
Pricing is per annum
  • Access to all 8 subjects
  • Induction Training Included
  • All Access Licensed Content
  • Inc Webinars & Coaching Clinics
Between 75 & 150 members
Plus $495 Set Up Fee
Pricing is per annum
  • Access to all 8 subjects
  • Induction Training Included
  • All Access Licensed Content
  • Inc Webinars & Coaching Clinics
* For more than 150 members please ask us for pricing.

Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is Chairman and Founder of the Circle of Excellence Group, an international organisation that gives business owners access to prosperity, freedom and purpose. For over ten years he has worked with 300,000 entrepreneurs in over fifty countries.

Acknowledged as one of only thirty three speakers in the world to be certified globally (Global Speaking Fellow, CSP*), Mike has contributed to the industry as an international speaker regularly visiting six continents, as well as the official chairman of the GSF’s* “Leader to Legacy” Global Speaker Summit 2018. He is multi-award winning, with most recent acknowledgements being New Zealand Speaker of the Year, New Zealand Educator of the Year and now a Life Member of NSANZ*. 

His philanthropic activities have been acknowledged by a US President, including setting up model villages in India for education and major support of orphanages in Cambodia. Mike serves on the Board of the Sage Foundation as well as the Global Dialogue Foundation, an organisation that promotes dialogue between cultures and religions worldwide. His 2010 film 'Dreamcatchers' has reached over 500,000,000.

Landi Jac

Landi Jac is the Global Director of Worldwide Business Intelligence, a company that thirty-three to the education of entrepreneurs across the world. Qualified with a Masters Degree that combines Economics and Industrial Psychology, Landi’s message to entrepreneurs places equal importance on business and mind.

Her signature IP (Intellectual Property) includes The Money Train™, IBUT™, The High-End Product Design Process™ and other unique holistic methodology that supports entrepreneurs with cutting acknowledgments blueprints, infographics and systems that take the white noise away from business and give a solid platform to grow through.

As part of the executive board of the Circle of Excellence Group, Landi guides the global growth of five companies in the personal and professional development field. She is a Certified Senior Consultant through the IIOPC* and trusted advisor to award-winning business leaders from all over the world including several global association presidents, TedX Speakers, Ernst & Young Award Winning Entrepreneurs and Celebrities.

Lisa Dudson (NZ)

You may know Lisa from her bestselling books, ‘The Complete Guide to Residential Property Investment in New Zealand’ (which spent 26 weeks on the Bestsellers List), ‘Get your Head out of the Sand’, ‘Winning the Money War’, ‘Money & You’ and her most recent ‘The New Zealand Property Guide’. Lisa has also written hundreds of articles and been a columnist for numerous publications, including The New Zealand Herald, Sunday Star Times, Woman’s Day and Yahoo.co.nz. She is a regular contributor to morning television, with appearances on The AM Show, having also appeared on Breakfast, 7 Sharp, Good Morning, 60 Minutes, House Calls and TV3 News.

Todd Hutchison (AU)

International best-selling author, educator and global consultant, Todd Hutchison, is known as the Corporate Mechanic® and has been recognised as a preeminent business leader by WA Business News and an awarded speaker and certified speaking professional (CSP) by the National Speakers Association of Australia.

Inducted into the Worldwide Who's Who Hall of Fame in 2013, Todd was awarded the 2013 global Professional of the Year (Consulting). In 2014, he was recognised as one of the 101 global experts and a specialist in the project management discipline, and is the global authority on project coaching.

Anne Tham (ML)

ACE EdVenture (ACE) is a network of schools bringing a fresh approach to Malaysian education by harboring a dynamic and interactive environment where students benefit from active learning methods (e.g. discussion-oriented, experiential, application-based learning). With 1,700 students across 3 schools, ACE is home to Malaysia’s first ever entrepreneurial school, which teaches students from the age of 7 how to run profitable, sustainable businesses. Anne has won Woman of the Year, been a TedX Speaker and has the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 award for Malaysia.

Akhil Shahani (IN)

An MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Akhil Shahani's twin areas of focus are education and entrepreneurship. His family has been in the education sector for over sixty years, and he continues to fly the flag high. As the Director of the Shahani Group, Mr. Shahani is trying to bring international methods of management education to India through the group's various initiatives. He believes that a good management education involves not only academic learning, but also developing one's network, personality and values. Apart from his work with the many educational institutions run by the family, he is also involved with the Kaizen Management Advisors Pvt. Ltd., a Private Equity firm investing in education and also mentors young entrepreneurs in his spare time. He is also the recipient of many awards like the Bharat Shiromani Award, the Bharat Gaurav Award and the Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award including mentions in notable educational journals.

Dustin Mathews (US)

Dustin Mathews is a direct response marketing expert, speaker and author, based in the United States. He specializes in speaking and direct response marketing and is the inventor of Irresistible Offer Architecture™ and Brand Response™ Marketing. Mathews is a C-Level executive known for his roles in the success of Foreclosures Daily and SpeakingEmpire.com. Foreclosures Daily was launched in 2009 and reached a turnover of $30 million by 2012. During this period, ForeclosuresDaily was recognized by INC magazine in the list of 500 Fastest Growing Private U.S. Companies in 35th position.
Mathews has written the bestselling book “How to Get Rich Working For Free” and co-authored numerous business books in recent years. He has been featured by USA Today, Fox Business and INC magazine.

Paul Ter Wal (NL)

Paul ter Wal is an internationally sought-after employability expert and work health architect. For more than 20 years he has been in the speaking, consulting and training business for executives, HR directors and employee The former lawyer at a social benefits organization as well as Assistant Director of a Public Health Insurance company started his consulting career at Sovac/Capgemini in the field of social security and labor law. Today Paul ter Wal is a professional speaker, strategic advisor, strategist as well as a vision and healthy workplace specialist. He is a guest lecturer at the University of Maastricht, Master Work Health and Career.

Paul is recognized as Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) by the Professional Speakers Australia as well as Fellow (FPSA) by the Professional Speaking Association in the UK and Ireland.
He is the 2019/20 President of the Global Speakers Federation
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