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Frequent questions

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What exactly is OCTOPUS?

It is a fun, revolutionary online training program for entrepreneurs who really want to get somewhere in business and life. Start for free, and then upgrade to access the magic.

Why is OCTOPUS different?

The learning material is 100%original, co-created with entrepreneurs worldwide and endorsed by a SUPERIOR 3rd party authority in education. Plus, it’s not boring.

When is the best time to enroll for OCTOPUS?

NOW-don’t waste any more time. OCTOPUS will teach you the right foundations of business so that you can get your life back on track.

How exactly does OCTOPUS work?

The free and upgrade versions give you all the intelligence that you need to play a much bigger game in business.

You get user friendly online training, as well as access to LIVE weekly webinars with the latest and most relevant information from experts around the world.

There is a trusted global community, over 100 super cool infographics with practical solutions for your business, and much more

Who benefits from OCTOPUS?

Entrepreneurs who want business solutions that are relevant for TODAY, can be trusted, super fresh, and easy to learn.

How do I get started with OCTOPUS?

Click on the START FOR FREE button, fill in a form and you will receive an email with a link to enroll.

I already own a business and have had some level of success. Is OCTOPUS for me?

The Octopus does not have 9 brains for nothing! This is especially relevant for you, as you will learn the smart way of running AND scaling a business. Trust us