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Be better in every way

What you will learn:

Be better in every way

What you will learn:

Don't take our word for it...

Here's some great reasons according to our clients to sign up for free and access the business education you deserve.

"The Octopus Platform pushes you to a completely new way of thinking in business.  It is amazing..."

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Diane Boorman
CEO Brand Analytics-Business Enabler & Growth Accelerator

"It provides cutting edge content that you can use with your own clients to improve your own brand, while also building world-class credibility, trust and report"

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Denis Gianoutsos
CEO I Founder | Executive Coach | Facilitator

"I have found the Octopus Platform very easy to use and navigate, whilst providing extremely insightful and valuable information"

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Tim Rippon

Create the right foundations for your business

Octopus Education will revolutionise the way you do business. You will now access the exact business tools that you need to be a prosperous entrepreneur who wants to create a legacy!

Course Modules

The OCTOPUS Program™ presents you with fresh perspectives on how to thrive in business, remain relevant as an entrepreneur and ultimately thrive. You are guaranteed exciting, never-seen-before content and solutions. 
Module 1
Business Strategy
This part of the journey is great for -
1. Getting a super clear roadmap for your business 

2. Putting a powerful 1-Pager Strategy Plan in place 

3. Knowing exactly what resources you need to allocate 

4. Crushing overwhelm by understanding what to focus on first

5. Having a step-by-step, press-play strategy for your business 
Module 2
Conscious Leadership
This part of the journey is great for -
1. Widening your view of the world as a Conscious Leader

2. Accessing a High I.M.P.A.C.T. Blueprint for worldwide change

3. Understanding audience INFLUENCE in a lasting way 

4. Creating products and services that inspires real MEANING

5. Positioning yourself as an unforgettable AUTHORITY in your field

6. ACCELERATING your unique message beyond borders 

7. Learning the art of CULTIVATING lasting customer relationships 

8. Getting your clients to TRUST you as an expert in your field
Module 3
Products & Services
This part of the journey is great for -
1. Learning how to create high-end, high-priced offers for your clients

2. Revisiting your original passions in work and career

3. Getting clarity on your exact and ideal customer

4. Redefining your customer’s real problems and challenges

5. Finding your true essence and understanding how it increases profit

6. Creating convincing and exciting products and services for your clients

7. Developing sustainable and scalable offer strategies 

8. Understanding the value of having a Blueprint for each of your offers  

9. Packaging your service offerings for clients

10. Packaging your product offerings for clients 

11. Branding your offers for the right audience

12. Accessing ways to co-create products and services with clients

13. Learning how to launch your products and services to market 
Module 4
People & Talent
This part of the journey is great for -
1. Building rock-solid people and teams around your business

2. Finding advisory board members for benchmarking and protection 

3. Disrupting recruitment strategies when establishing a dream team

4. Helping you identify number and finance experts for your business

5. Showing you how to choose coaches and mentors that is right for you

6. Identifying wingmen as part of your business support system

7. Learning about the value of joining next-level clubs
Module 5
Smart Marketing
This part of the journey is great for -
1. Creating a marketing system that generates money in a predictable way

2. Learning to identify and qualify a target audience that converts into clients

3. Showing you how to get prospects to trust that you know what you are doing

4. Inspiring your clients to invest in a lasting relationship with you

5. Realising how easy, classy and predictable a sales process can be

6. Creating an incredible journey for your customers  so that they stick around

7. Discovering how to automate your marketing process so that you can scale 
Module 6
Sales Mastery
This part of the journey is great for -
1. Establishing your brand as an outstanding authority in the market

2. Learning smarter sales psychology when building funnels 

3. Understanding the high-conversion value of asking the right sales questions 

4. Creating a high-impact sales pitch deck with only 10 slides

5. Creating reliable sales armour and toolkits to help you through sales meetings

6. Bringing sales and marketing initiatives together into one powerful 1-Page Plan
Module 7
Customer Journey
This part of the journey is great for -
1. Understanding what exactly eliminates demanding customers

2. Learning how to streamline your customer intake process

3. Deepening the trust between you and your clients

4. Continuously creating special experiences for your customers 

5. Building a business eco-system that retains customers long-term 
Module 8
Building System
This part of the journey is great for -
1. Building a scalable business that suits your freedom lifestyle

2. Learning why systems and structure is one of the best gifts to yourself

3. Implementing a marketing and sales system that can be automated

4. Systemising the tasks that steals all your valuable energy

5. Discovering sample systems that will save you time

6. Automating your business so that you can get out of it 

7. Setting your business up for expansion or to be sold
Bonus: Module 9
Mind Brilliance
This part of the journey is great for -
1. Expanding your mind into new exciting levels of thinking and ideas

2. Learning how to master overwhelm and be more peaceful in business

3. Spotting the patterns that are keeping you from being exceptional

4. Finding your unique essence that differentiates you as an entrepreneur

5. Improving self-confidence, self-worth and self-image for more profit and success

6. Understanding the importance of managing your energy in business

7. Regaining your balance and focus on the right things in unpredictable times

8. Using the manifestation power of words to attract prosperity, freedom and purpose

9. Getting time to work for you, and not the other way around

What to expect from our free masterclass?

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The Octopus Program™ will give you accelerated growth, business prosperity and the know-how to scale your business, build a legacy and help even more clients.

Full access to the Octopus Foundational Masterclass to get you well introduced into the Octopus Education™ Universe

24/7 Access to the full Octopus Educational School, including all the Lesson Plans, Presentations, Recommended Activities, Assignments, 100+ Infographic Business Tools and all available Playbooks

Weekly Global Intelligence updates and interviews with world-class experts and entrepreneurs from around the world, plus access to all previous recordings

Special access to a worldwide community of successful entrepreneurs

Personalised support and your questions answered, as it applies below

Octopus Certification for coaches who wants to align with international entrepreneurial standards and seek fresh content for their clients

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You have questions and we have answers

What exactly is OCTOPUS?

It is a fun, revolutionary online training program for entrepreneurs who really want to get somewhere in business and life. Start for free, and then upgrade to access the magic.

Who benefits from OCTOPUS?

Entrepreneurs who want business solutions that are relevant for TODAY, can be trusted, super fresh, and easy to learn.

Why is OCTOPUS different?

The learning material is 100%original, co-created with entrepreneurs worldwide and endorsed by a SUPERIOR 3rd party authority in education. Plus, it’s not boring.

How do I get started with OCTOPUS?

Click on the START FOR FREE button, fill in a form and you will receive an email with a link to enroll.

When is the best time to enroll for OCTOPUS?

NOW-don’t waste any more time. OCTOPUS will teach you the right foundations of business so that you can get your life back on track.

I already own a business and have had some level of success. Is OCTOPUS for me?

The Octopus does not have 9 brains for nothing! This is especially relevant for you, as you will learn the smart way of running AND scaling a business. Trust us. ;)

How exactly does OCTOPUS work?

The free and upgrade versions give you all the intelligence that you need to play a much bigger game in business.

You get user friendly online training, as well as access to LIVE weekly webinars with the latest and most relevant information from experts around the world.

There is a trusted global community, over 100 super cool infographics with practical solutions for your business, and much more!